1st Female Elephant Seal of 2018


  • Visibility: 15 miles throughout the day
  • Wind: ranging from 10-23 knots throughout the day
  • Sky: sunny with cloudy periods
  • Water: mostly calm


  • Had one whale watching boat cruise by
  • No visitors today


  • The first female elephant seal arrived today. One of the smaller, younger males was very persistent with her but the larger male mostly kept him away.
  • Counted 3 male elephant seals on the island today, 2 adolescents and 1 adult.
  • One elephant seal pup is still sleeping on the north side of the house and letting out the occasional yelps and cries.


Two juvenile bald eagles take in the morning view of commercial freighters passing by Race Rocks

The first female elephant seal to arrive

Three elephant seals have a stand off, with the female on the left and the two males on the right.