Branded Northern Sealion #14Y

Adam Harding e-mailed Pat Gearin OF NOAA and Matthew Tennis

I spotted # I4Y, a branded northern sea lion, on the NE corner of Great Race this morning. See attached photo.




Pat Gearin responded: ” Hello Adam and thank you for reporting this sighting and for sending the excellent photos.  This animal is Steller sea lion 14Y, an 8-year old male marked at St. George Reef, CA in July of 2002 as a pup.  This is a valuable sighting since he has only been sighted 4 times since he was marked including once at St. George Reef a month or so after his initial marking.  He was sighted again in May 2005 at Tatoosh Island, WA.  The most recent sightings were from August 2008 when he was sighted twice off SW Vancouver Island at Barrier Rocks and Pachena Point.  This animal is not yet of breeding age/size but may be in a few years. Thanks once again and we look forward to any other sea lion sightings you can provide. ”