Eagles and Police Boat

‘Morning’, ‘Clear’, ‘15.0’, ”, ‘4.0’, ‘NE’, ‘Rippled’, ‘Carol + Mike’, ’07:07:58′),

2 black inflatables sped through the reserve at about 15:40. They were going too fast and bouncing in the 3 ft. seas to get the registration numbers but had ”police”in white letters along the sides. People on board had yellow jackets with ”police” on the backs. Called Stefan Beckmann-he will inquiries. ‘, ‘Mike’, ’14:38:11′

(5 immature) Bald Eagles in the reserve first thing this morning but by noon only 3 (1 Mature) remained.Just after 15:00 the adult Eagle flew over-head with what looked like part of a small fish-herring maybe- and was very aggressively pursued by one of the juveniles. The 2 big birds literally did summersaults in the air, one trying to get the fish and the other desperately trying to keep it! This air dance went on for almost ten minutes in a 30 knt. wind. Unfortunately did not see the outcome as the one with the fish finally dropped quite low over the water and flew over towards Rocky Pt.The juvenile followed close behind and they were soon too far away to see even with the telescope.A group of about 150 Pigeon Guillemots arrived this morning.They spread out over the island near their nesting areas,spent about 2 hours and then in a flurry were gone again.’, ‘Mike’, ’14:24:26′),