Marine Macroalgae Archived Video

   Kelp and color    
 “Saltwater” the images of kelp at Race Rocks set to the music of Holly Arntzen.  The “Color of Kelp” .. a different view of the effects of sunlight transferred through kelp blades.  Phyllospadix or surf grass at Race Rocks.  Epiphytes on Pterygophora californicus.
 Kelp and color
 Subtidal Lithothamnion with its typical community of invertebrates.

Marine Plants at Race Rocks form a valuable base of energy flow and habitat they offer other organisms. This file will have examples of single species as well as associations. The biology and environmental systems class projects and diver assistance the process of documentation of these species and habitats of Race Rocks is continuing. Video clips as well as links to other documentation are available here.

  Marine Algae at Race Rocks  
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Algae at Race Rocks.