NewPup on Middle Rocks

‘2010-01-31’,  ‘New pup heard over the sound of the boat at 100m… “Sounds like a frog ” -Jayesh -Year 35). Recognized the squawk as the pup vocalizing. Came through the West-Middle Rock channel -that is a popular and protected spot for local boat-based diving) and spotted the pup facing the three females -Scarlet and at least one of the two adults that landed on Great Race earlier in the year) but resting alongside Slash on the N side of the middle Middle Rock -out of sight of Camera 5). Beautiful day here, very nice and dry. Adult Bald eagle landed on the roof of the Science Centre, something I haven”t observed until now… probably Pam has lots of pics over the years; definitely a different season this time last year. Most of the ~40 Black oystercatchers -that had been on the south side of Great race in two large parcels around the Energy Centre this past week) have dispersed around the this part of the Strait of Juan de Fuca. They were the earliest of the bird activity this morning, sneaking around the exposed intertidal well before dawn. Looking South from the Main Keeper ”s residence is a flat calm with scattered driftwood armadas of Mew Gulls. Prince of Whales came through on an always-pleasant late day flood from the West as well. The ever-colourful character Misery is slouched across the concrete pathway to the Science Centre. The safest route now is across the exposed bedrock from the Energy Centre to the foundation of the old satellite dish and the steps on the SE corner of the building. Geese and gulls on the island are beginning to establish strutting and flutter room, pairs of Geese are acting territorially.’, ‘Ryan’, ’09:47:25 ,